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Our Heligolf Trips.

all our flights are CO2 compensated.


Heligolf is a spectacular golf adventure experience that combines unique moments on the green with breathtaking panoramic views from the air.
From day trips to multi-day helicopter trips, our experienced pilots and golf instructors offer you a smooth, safe and luxurious first-class helicopter golf experience.
We fly you direct to golf courses and resorts of your choice.

Our excursions are suitable as a 
perfect gift for golfers of all levels.



In addition to our partner golf courses, we are able to fly to almost every golf course and golf resort in the region with our customers. 

Whether it's a heligolf trip, sightseeing flights in the Alps or a sightseeing flight over the most beautiful sights in Bavaria. With us you will experience a breathtaking helicopter experience.

Our excursions make the perfect gift for golfers of all levels.

Every flight is an unforgettable experience!

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