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Bavarian See Tour

Bavarian Lakes Tour
from €569 p.P.

Our helicopter sightseeing flight along the Upper Bavarian lakes is one of the absolute highlights of our sightseeing flight offers. After taking off from our landing site in Ottobrunn, we head in the direction of Starnberg to Lake Starnberg. We then fly directly to Dießen am Ammersee. With a left turn to the south, it then goes to the southernmost point of Lake Starnberg, to Seeshaupt. Below us at this point is Easter Island. Directly in the direction of flight we pass the Kochelsee and Walchensee. With a left turn to the east, we continue to Tegernsee and Schliersee. In the background, as always with our sightseeing flights, the Alps are visible. From the eastern shore of Lake Tegernsee, there is a slight left turn in the direction of Kirchsee. This is exactly between Bad Tölz and Holzkirchen. Finally, this Alpine sightseeing flight takes you in the direction of Weyarn in about 3500 feet back to Munich.

 Tour Highlights

  • Starnberg

  • Dießen am Ammersee

  • Seeshaupt

  • Osterseen

  • Kochelsee

  • Walchensee

  • Tegernsee

  • Schliersee

  • Kirchsee

Included services

  • Helicopter Rundflug

  • Start from Munich-Ottobrunn

  • Flight duration approx. 60 minutes

  • Champagne reception after landing 

Prices p. Person for private flights

One person:  2,699€
Two people:  1,399€
Three people:  939€
Four people:    709€
Five people:     569€
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